A/B testing URL with parameters, how?


Good morning,

Could someone explain to me how A/B testing with URL parameters works?

I am trying to set up my own URL with a parameter what is used for a campaign but when I am using the URL validator it constantly says that the URL is OK (also when I am using another URL!) or that the website is not OK no matter what URL I am using.

My questions actually are:

  1. What does “nameOfUrlParameter” stands for?
  2. What does “Value to match for URL parameter name” stands for?

My intention is to let start A/B tests only when visitors are coming from specific campaigns.

Your help would be great, thanks in advance!

(Jason) #2

Hi There,

The URL parameter is a value within the querystring of your URL Query string - Wikipedia

for example https://mywebpage.com?myparameter=foo

in this case nameOfUrlParameter = myparameter and Value to match for URL parameter name = foo