A/B testing not showing correct data

When analyzing A/B test results for certain segments (e.g. in this example by country) the data is missing. Even though the top chart shows that there are visits from this segment (also other reports show data for the segment, so the segment is working).

Any idea why this happens? The A/B test results show up if other segments are used.

By the way: If I tap on “Open segmented Visits log” I get visits by the way. The title says: Visits Log showing visits where Segment is “countryName==Germany and abtesting_experiment==OfflineMode and abtesting_variation==original”

Hi there,

​Thanks for your patience.

​Can I just confirm what you are finding.

​When you view this A/B report without a segment it shows data. If you segment to any country other than Germany you also see data? If so can you please chose country code rather than country and try again? It might take a while for the segment to process.