A/B-Testing and DSGVO

Hello all!

Does anyone have experience with A/B testing and DSGVO?

I have implemented the Matomo tracing code together with a Cooky consent tool.

So if someone does not allow the Matomo cookies, then no Matomo tracing code exists.

How is this compatible with A/B testing?

For A/B testing, the Matomo tracing code needs to be customized.
But what happens if it is not included when cookies are not allowed?

Many greetings

Hi @Albert ,

Please review https://developer.matomo.org/guides/tracking-consent. Hope it clarifies things.

Hello Karthik,
thank you very much for the interesting link.
GDPR: Currently I collect personal data and use my own consent tool. Opt-In also everything works great!
AB-Testing: Now I want to combine this with AB-Testing.
Conclusion: As soon as I have solved this, I write here in the message briefly my experience, so that others can benefit from it. Am on the problem.