7Tag and Piwik Pro Tag Manager license

Hi there,
Piwik is a great piece of free software, many thanks to all who have helped to get so far. I’m mainly using it for websites of small associations who are (thankfully) quite data-sensitive.

I was interested in trying out the 7tag Tag Manager for some time but the .tar.gz lay around for months and now I discovered that the Tag Manager became a part of Piwik pro.

I’m a bit confused as 7tag was published with the GNU Affero General Public License. Or at least, that’s what I understood. Does anyone know more about that? And if so, is the Piwik Tag Manager as well published with the AGPL and can I get it somewhere for testing?


Dear Finn,

Apologies for taking a while to respond. It’s true that 7tag was released under the gnu licence. Unfortunately, because of the almost non-existent external contribution to its development and maintenance, 7tag’s creators - the Clearcode team - decided to suspend it. In accordance with the licence terms, the code has ceased to be open and is now fully owned by Piwik PRO. After some in-house refinements, it has been included in PP Tag Manager.

Best wishes,
Ewa Agata Balazinska / Piwik PRO

Hello guys,

Didn’t know that Clearcode made the 7tag project closed source because there was “no external contributions”. IMHO one shouldn’t expect to see contributions to an open source project within a few months of its creation, especially when almost nobody is using it yet… it’s common knowledge (I think) that it takes a long time to get significant contributions to an open source project. That’s because it is complex software and not many people are able to contribute something. For example for Piwik project it took almost 2 years to get any contribution from the community, and this started only after the Piwik project was popular and had many features. I was working alone on Piwik for a very long time and only got help from a few students friends, back in the old days…

@finner Please note that this decision was not taken by the Piwik team or any of its members (the project was not called “Piwik tag manager” actually, we were not involved!), as it was a decision of the Clearcode team who created it… and we didn’t know about it until the code was removed from github and the license changed.

Hopefully in the future, someone will create a true open-source tag manager. We still hope (the Piwik team) to work on this project someday, but it is very much not our priority right now… as we need to focus on making Piwik more awesome.

We’d love to collaborate with another company or team to make it happen! :+1: Because truly the world needs a (forever) open source tag manager!

Be well!

thanks for the clarification. I understand that Clearcode tries to find a sustainable business model, it’s a pity though that they went the closed source way with that product. I definitly could use a Tag Manager and I’m sure I’m not the only one :wink:
What’s about the pricing? I couldn’t find any information on that and I always suppose that when I have to contact someone to get more information the pricing is far beyond of what I and my humble ‘clients’ are able to pay.

@matthieu: Thanks for your statement. I wasn’t very sure how Piwik and Piwik Pro are bound together but apparently there are some major differences. I can only repeat myself in saying that you and the piwik.org team created an amazing product and I can’t thank you enough.

Theoretically, the last 7Tag version (1.8) could be a starting point for a fork, as it was once released under the AGPL?
Someone eager (and skilled - thats why I’m out of it) to create an open source tag manager might find this thread one day…or is there already another open source tag manager?

All the best!

I would like to check verion 1.8… can anyone send it to me? I can’t find it anywhere

The only version I found was 1.7.0: http://ns2.ninemorezero.com/seventag-latest%20(1).tar.gz
(I have no idea to whom this server belongs).

edit: fork here: GitHub - tsteur/open-source-tag-manager: Backup of seventag when it was still open source

Thank you. I will check it out… 1.8 would be better though :slight_smile:

Hi @finner and @mjpgoncalves, I’m in search of people interested in start a truly open-source and free tag manager for based on the legacy of 7Tag … are you interested?

I have the copy of the latest public repo (v1.7) uncompiled, so this can be a good started point.

Best to all

Hi @spatialy,

thats a great idea. Currently I have unfortunately no ressources for that. But Im no developper anyway :wink:

Might Innocraft not be intersted in building it as well? :wink:

Hi everyone,

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