500 (Internal Server) Error


New to this - trying to install Matomo for the first time. Created a new SQL server and uploaded all the necessary files to /analytics. Got an error that my website wasn’t running a high enough version of PHP. Figured out how to upgrade (to 5.6), went back to Matomo, and got 500 (internal server) error. Tried deleting and reuploading all files, same thing. What did I do? I don’t think I have any error logs, since Matomo has never been successfully set up?

You surely have apache error logs to look at. I would look there or wherever PHP is set to log to.

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I’m trying to install this on a site hosted with godaddy.

I didn’t actually have an error log until your comment, but I just found some instructions from godaddy on how to create one and then refreshed my /analytics page. Still getting error 500, but the log is blank.