500 error when trying to log in as non Super User

I recently set up my old machine as a test server for Piwik so I can mess around while developing some UI stuff. The server is running Windows 7 enterprise and I’m hosting the webserver and FTP server with IIS7. Mysql is the DB. Everything was working fine until I made another user for a coworker. We made the account and when I tried to log in I get a 500 error. I’m mostly a UI developer so I don’t know much about servers and databases, but I tried looking for IIS logs and found the httperr.log file but it only shows Timer_connectionIdle errors, nothing from piwik.

Does anyone know of a common issue that could be causing this, or where I can find more logs that might be useful?


Hi Jordan, see: I get 'Oops... there was a problem during the request.' or 'Internal Server Error' or '500 error' or the 'White screen of death'. How do I proceed? - Analytics Platform - Matomo