403 errors in Settings > Websites after upgrade to 3.1.0

I just ran the automatic upgrade to 3.1.0 and no errors were reported. However, navigating to Settings > Websites > Settings now immediately generates a 403 error. The URL requested is:


Similarly, Settings > Websites > Manage also fails to finish “Loading data…” as the background JSON call generates a 403 error. The URL which fails is a POST request to:


There’s nothing in the web server config which would account for the 403 errors and all other settings options work as expected, so I suspect the 403s are being generated internally by Piwik.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Still an issue with 3.1.1


I can’t think of a reason why piwik would return an 403.

What happens if you open that URL in the browser. Does the webserver return an error page with the 403 error?
Does your webserver log show an reason for the 403 (or the php error log in case piwik does have an error)?

Opening the URL in a browser returns an 403 straight away. Nothing in the PHP error log, but I’ll see if I can increase the level of logging. All other admin pages within Piwik are working just fine, and Websites > Settings was working fine prior to the upgrade to 3.1.0.

There’s nothing in the Apache config that would account for a 403 being generated.