403/404 errors during update

Whenever I update Piwik there are two files that generate a 403 and a 404 error on the server. The update process is not affected, I only know about it from the log file. I don’t see any problems because of these errors so it’s probably low priority.

These are the two files (URLs relative to Piwik root):

404 error: /plugins/LanguagesManager/angularjs/languageselector/languageselector.directive.js?cb=242e2434059f2e0ce0c1c1295473c304
HTTP Referrer: /index.php?module=CoreUpdater&action=

403 error: /plugins/Morpheus/fonts/piwik.woff?42xrcb
HTTP Referrer: /index.php?module=CoreUpdater&action=getUpdaterCss&cb=e178a59305d31aaca3894bdf6ec52bd7