3.9.0 Upgrade Errors


After the last couple upgrades I was hesitant to use the automatic upgrade option, but like many people I am sure, we’re anxious for the latest code, so I took a risk, and once again, a serious error immediately appeared

Matomo encountered an error: Call to undefined method Piwik\Plugin\Manager::getPluginDirectory() (which lead to: Circular dependency detected while trying to resolve entry ‘Piwik\Twig’)

Seeing new versions is bitter sweet, you get excited to see new options, bug fixes, but it’s nerve wrecking not knowing if you’re going to loose critical data by simply upgrading

Where do we stand now, does this error represent total catastrophe, or can we recover, and how?

(Lukas Winkler) #2


You can find more info about the error here:

It isn’t severe and you should be able to use Matomo just fine and it will be fixed very soon.

BTW: If you want to help make Matomo releases more stable: Before every Matomo release there are many beta releases and release candidates and if you can test them (only on a copy of your live-system of course) and report back errors it would help fixing them before the main release.