3.6.x Docker images


Matomo 3.6.0 was released 3 weeks ago, however there are still no official docker images for it… they’re still the 3.5 branch… https://hub.docker.com/r/library/matomo/tags/

In case the docker container does an autoupdate to 3.6 it will complain about an database for future versions when you try to login after restarting the docker container.

Is there an offical ETA?

See also Docker Pull Not Giving Version 3.6.0 · Issue #115 · matomo-org/docker · GitHub

It seems that an potential jenkins pipeline is run every 3 days automatically but actually is overdue (4d 14h). Maybe someone can trigger it manually and check the tags on docker hub?

Thanks, mplx


It seems like Pierre is already working on it:

3.6 arrived on docker hub today and seems to work. :relieved:

@Lukas thanks for your response! :smile:

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