2nd fresh Piwik install on live server possible?


since I cannot update my v1.x Piwik to the V2.x branch (update always ends in errors) I thinking about solutions
I can find as beginner.

1st one was to export V1 DB and migrate it into my local Xampp (I created a new db, imported via mysql the backup db and fitted the config.ini but that did not work…).

2nd thought was since I can still use and access the live Piwik though the update did not work (I had to re-upload a backup of the piwik folder but DB seem to be still ticking though I did not use any backups here) I thought about renaming the working piwik folder to piwikV1 and to vreate a new one calles piwik or piwikV2.
You get the idea.

Into the new folder I would copy a fresh Piwik 2.03 or whatever new version I can grab with a new and fresh DB!

So, in theory I could access at least the new Piwik that starts a new DB with new tracking infos…and perhaps I could access the old one too for information gathering purposes :stuck_out_tongue:

But since I am a newbee to all of this I do not know if there are some or crucial issues with the tracking code or how Piwik works or what ever :frowning:

Could some one please explain things to me?


What errors do you get during upgrade? maybe this helps: After the update, I get sql errors, I would like to try the update again. How do I force Piwik to re-upgrade the database from a past version? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You can definitely install Piwik 2 in parallel of your Piwik 1 instance. You simply have to create a new database, download Piwik 2 to a new folder, install it normally, and then test it on your website by inserting both tracking scripts in your pages.


That was the trick. Just stopping to dig why I could not update and to install a fresh parallel installation.

I have now the old unupdatable ^^ DB running local under xampp and even can access it still live though
this db is no more tracking. Tracking is now the new install V2.1rc or what ever and all is fine.
On the new V2 train and a fresh and zippy DB :slight_smile:

Thanks alot!


Though this does not belong here… I use an ecommerce and a wordpress I want to track. For the shop I have a new module
where I only enter the

Piwik Website ID
Piwik Hostname

eg: www.example.com/piwik

Ehm, I thought I had to enter the ‘custom’ tracking code into a module since this would then hook it into the footer of the site’?!
Is this no more necessary? Is this achieved via ID and website only?