274 archives tables

I’m not sure why, but i now have 274 archives tables in my Piwik DB.
Piwik has decided to do archives tables for years back to 1999.
It also added a line for each of them in the options table.

Plus, when i select any timeframe other than Day, i get, No data.
Plus, on the small calendar to select the date, tomorrow is selectable.
But evidently, there’s no data for that day.

Before i decide to trash that installation of Piwik and setup a new one, if anybody has somme suggestions…

piwik should not create archive tables before the date the first websites was created (piwik_site.ts_created in the DB) - did you manually change it to an older date?

A few days after the last release, i’ve deleted all archives and i’ve emptied the logs (actions and all).
Then Piwik was recreating some archive for the date of site creation it had in DB.
Tables i didn’t need so i though it could be a good idea to change the date of creation of every site to a more recent one.
I’ve changed it in the DB to May 1st. 2010.

I think it somehow confilted with the way the multisite store it’s data in the option table. But i dont know.
If this problem is too complicated, i will make a new install.
It will only be my third. :wink:

Hi again,

Yesterday i’ve made a new install of Piwik on a new subdomain.
All files newly uploaded and a new database.
I set up the sites on the new installation in the same order they was in the old one so each site keep the ID they had.
I changed all occurencies of the old subdomain to the new one in all my sites using Dreamweaver search replace function that can execute on wholes sites.
I didn’t deleted the old installation yet.
And today, there was a visit on a site in the old installation.
So i checked the HTML of the file and the Piwik code was the new one.
I dont understand how can this be.
So weird.
The new install is working perfectly but i didn’t add any plugins to it.

maybe someone was looking at a cached version (e.g. on google cache or wherever) ?

Could have been but then the registered URL would have been very different, no ?
There was no appearence of the page been on another server either.
Could this mean my hosting also use cache ?
No new visits on the old install since then.