2 Entrys for same Campaign

(heinetz) #1

Hi Forum,

I use campain-feature to track links clicked into html-newsletter. links’re looking like this:

… ?piwik_campaign=Newsletter%2FAllgemein%2FMaerz_2010&piwik_kwd=%2FPresse_und_News%2FAktuelle_Meldungen%2FZentraler_Posteingang_%2F


i find an entry called like value of piwik_campain into actiopns/campaigns.

but there is s.t. i can’t understand:

i find the same entry with the same name to times in the campaigns-list.
i made two screenshots:see attacjemant

who can it happen, that piwik tracks to campaigns with the same campaignname ?


(Mariusz) #2

Hi Heinetz,

thanks for asking here. Strange behaviour over here…
Can i ask you to post here the extended view of this column.

You can get this by clicking this one symbol in the lower right corner?

Hope we can solve this issue for you.

BR, Mariusz

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Tracking Campaigns (newsletter, paid ads, display ads, affiliates, etc.) is now available!