2.7.0 a resource hog?

Hi there,

After upgrading to the latest version of Piwik (command line upgrade, twice, etc - all done as prescribed) we noticed a few issues on the server.
[li] Server had crashed a couple of times stating not enough memory to allocate even though we have 8G. Before the upgrade, we only had 4G and it worked well.
[/li][li] Seeing a very long startup time for mysql
[/li][li] Higher mysql usage (even though I have reduced the auto-archive from running once every hour to once every two hours)
[/li][li] Unusually high system load

I’d like to see if I have done something wrong or missing anything before creating an issue on the issue tracker.

Your help would be appreciated.


Yes, unfortunately it seems to use way too much memory. For example, if you’re on Sourceforge-project-hosting, it will never get past the install screen:


I hope 2.8 or 2.7.something will be a working version.

Nothing should have changed in terms of Mysql in this version so we are not sure what problem you experiencing. If you have more info please comment here!