[2.6.1, Privacy] Button "Save" doesn't work

Hi Piwik Team,

My database is becoming huge and it takes 18 minutes to load on my spare server, so I’ve decided to try to “purge” it. I have run “console core:archive” successfully (20 minutes on first run) but it didn’t reduce dump size. So I have activated plugin “Privacy” to try the “delete old visitor logs” feature. I set it to “Yes, 365 days” but when I click on the “Save” button, nothing occurs, not even an error in my Firefox javascript console :-/

Piwik version = 2.6.1

It will delete the data on a schedule the next time your task runs. make sure you setup Cron as explained in How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

OK, I understand what it is supposed to do. It just doesn’t save the configuration I ask. The “Save” button looks like there is a “return false” in javascript (you get the idea…).

Actually, javascript seems to be broken on privacy settings page with Firefox. This is why the “Save” button doesn’t work (and many other things). I have opened Chromium and it worked.

I have set “Regularly delete old visitor logs from the database” to Yes, on 365 days and ran a purge. The database was slightly reduced (80MB less) but most important : the load time on my spare server went from 18 minutes (1080 seconds) to 0.6 minute (40 seconds) and this is really what I wanted.

I thought the probleme was on archive_numeric_* and archive_blob_* but I think I was wrong.

I tried the Privacy page and it seems to work fine for me. Can you see an error in your browser console ? or maybe you can try refresh the browser cache and try again?