2.16.2 upgrade causes: Error: Class Piwik\PiwikPro\Advertising does not exist

I believe this class is referred to in Widgets.php. Any idea what might be causing this error after the upgrade?

Where is the error shown? Within a widget on your dashboard? If so try removing the widget and readding it.
You could also try to reupload the files manually. Maybe some files weren’t created/updated correctly.

same problem here, directly on the dashboard.

Yes, sorry for the delayed response. When the dashboard attempts to display. I haven’t tried to update manually yet.

I did a manual upgrade, but I am still receiving the class error.

Did anybody manage to solve this. I did an automatic upgrade and am getting this error on the dashboard.

I had installed in a custom folder under HTML (HTML/Analytics/Piwik), but on my production box had installed under (HTML/Piwik). Once I changed test to mimic production, the install went fine. Not sure why this fixed the error, or if the custom folder affected things in any way.

Still having this same issue. Any suggestions? Performed the upgrade in the browser.

I have the error too. I performed the upgrade partly from the browser, then the database part from the command line. This is preventing any data to be shown.

After looking into the code for Advertising and then PiwikPro, I found the upgrade to 2.16.2-rc2 was supposed to remove this plugin through core/Updates/2.16.2-rc2.php. So I went to the config/config.ini.php and removed the two lines that mentioned PiwikPro, then the error was gone…

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Verified! The Yannick_Warnier above fixed my 2.16.1 to 2.16.5 upgrade. Specifically, the lines that need to be removed or commented out are:

Plugins[] = “PiwikPro”

PluginsInstalled[] = “PiwikPro”