2.15 RC reports less to none visits

(Dan) #1


just updated to RC3…but RC2 seems to not track any visits (on 20+ websites)

I need Piwik to report reliably. Perhaps it was an error to switch to beta channel, but I did it to amend the problems then.

Perhaps it now gets better with RC 3


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

RC2 and RC3 should track fine, we use them on 10 different Piwik so far. Do you have some more info?

(Dan) #3

HI Matt,

thank you…

not sure what info I could give you…installed RC2 and RC3 and since then no visitors counted… really zero since RC3

what version could I go back to with the way 2.15 changed everything around?



(Dan) #4

Update: from checking it looks as if the visits are registered (DB entries) but even with RC 3 I still see 0s in the dashboard…



Submitter created following bug report: Piwik not logging any visits since starting to upgrade to 2.15 RC 1 · Issue #9091 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub