2.12.0 update not showing all the visits


Yesterday since the 2.12.0 update piwik is not tracking all the visits to sites. I’m comparing 4 sites which track statistics in piwik vs two similar web stats services. My numbers are always more or less consistent, but since Piwik last update, it seems that only HALF of the entire visitors are being tracked.

Today I’m experiencing the same issues. I compared mentioned 4 sites to check if it was a “local” issue of one domain / site, but I think Piwik is failing to record visitors.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hi Mago

this shouldn’t happen. Please check this FAQ: Statistics from Piwik and my other web analytics tool (log analyzer, webalizer or javascript based) are different, why? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

We recommend to disable DNT if you are concerned about losing visitors.

If you have more information on which visitors are tracked with other tools and not piwik please let me know!