180K visits (AWStats) v 45 (Matomo) -- what's up?

Hi All – My AWstats reports 180,000 page loads yesterday, 63K unique visitors and 522K visits. Matomo is reporting 45 visits yesterday. How to determine why the huge difference? I find it hard to believe that almost 100% of my traffic is bots (although I presume that it’s possible). Any suggestions as to how to determine what’s going on?


Hi @argosan,

First queston: how do you track?

Also, can you see some common points on the visits/visitors that your Matomo tracks?
Eg, all IPs are internal, the only browser is Internet Explorer, etc.?

We track using Matomo and AWStats. Also the few trackers that come with LAMP, like Web Visitors.

I have Matomo obscure the first two octals of the IP, so I can’t compare the addresses, but many of the addresses I see in AWStats are the same–lots of searches from single IPs–or are sequential–lots of searches from IPs that vary only by the last digit.

Which Matomo method?

  • through log files analysis
  • via server-side API?
  • thanks to JavaScript?
  • with MTM?