1 website in 2 piwik: tracking of a domain for more than one PIWK

A really cool feature of Google Analytics is, that you can make tracking information of a specific website accessible for other Google Analytics accounts.

Is there any way to make something like that with piwik?

Yes you can add more than one user to view stats of a particular website.

Wow, how did you find my old post?
Well thanks for reply. But if you don’t tell me how it works, your answer is unhelpful. ;-/

Sorry then I didn’t understand your question. could you explain better what you want to achieve?

Okay - may be the best way is to try it with an example:

I have a piwik on:

There is a website I am tracking with this piwik:

My business partner has a piwik under:

He wants to track “www.number-two.de” also, but with his own piwik.
No problem with google analytics. You can share tracking information of any website to any other analytics account.

Is this possible with piwik, too?

cheers meisterleise

To do this you need to track the data in the two Piwik at once: learn more about various use cases here JavaScript Tracking Client: Integrate - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3

Thanks again, Metthieu
I allready tried to that what you linked to but it don’t work.

Seems it requires detailed knowledge about coding, which I don’t have. :frowning: