1.9 broke connection between custom variables and goals/ecommerce?

Since I upgraded to 1.9 I only get values of 0 for ecommerce and goals when you click the green flag on the Custom Variables page. I’ve even gone back to older dates where I know it had given me goals/ecommerce data for custom variables.

After doing some more poking around, it appears that the green flag no longer works. If I go to the Ecommerce/Goals pages for keywords, campaigns, etc I see the conversion data, but if I go to the Keywords page and hit the green flag, it shows 0 Ecommerce Orders/Goals.

BP77, thanks for the report. can you please create a ticket in the roadmap 1.9.2 in dev.piwik.org and with screenshot to show 1) Normal 2) Bug

Thank you very much!