1.9.1 web cron don't work with ssl

I use the http and token URL for my web cron

Since 1.9.1 web cron don’t work with ssl
Querying Piwik API at: http://xxxxx/xxx/misc/cron/../../index.php
Running as Super User: xxxxxxx
ERROR: The Piwik URL http://xxxxx/xxx/misc/cron/../../index.php does not seem to be pointing to a Piwik server. Response was ’

404 Not Found

When I changed the Trusted Piwik Hostname to http it works fine

With 1.9 I have no problems

What is web cron?
If thats the output of the archive.php script, then you should point it to the correct piwik url, not to the misc folder.

So it’s named by Piwik

Web Cron When Your Web Host Does Not Support Cron Tasks