1.81 bug?


Hi, When I upgrade from 1.8 to 1.81. the Dashboard page has broken due to one JS error. I can not click any more
Could you help me double check it since it really awful?

The error information copied from Firefox.

Error: missing : after property id
Source File: http://analytics.shanghaimetal.com/index.php,qmodule=Proxy,aaction=getJs,acb=3c0b655c5a2eae7e9bbbe3dc4426791b.pagespeed.jm.jNu-WTnImC.js
Line: 557, Column: 117
Source Code:
{var ajaxRequest={type:‘POST’,url:‘index.php?module=Dashboard&action=resetLayout&token_auth=’+piwik.token_auth,dataTy


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

please try to delete all files in piwik/tmp/*
then delete your browser cache
and try again?


I have rolled back to 1.8. Thanks for your response Matt, let me try.