1.8.1 Tracking code - Javascript syntax error perhaps?



I have recently set up goal for orders, however they are not being tracked. I have cut n paste the Tracking Code from Piwik without modification into footer of my website pages.

I noticed that on my normal site pages e.g. the non shopping cart pages the javascript code looks ok when I ‘view source’ (see excerpt of the code below):

however when I view source on a shopping cart page there is section missing. In Firefox the developer tools Error console says this

Timestamp: 04/06/2012 04:35:51
Error: missing { before try block
Source File: https://www.[mysite].co.uk/[cart]/cart.php?gid=0000000002
Line: 148, Column: 5
Source Code:
try catch( err )

and when I view source for that page the piwikTracker code is missing:

I am not a javascript guru so not sure how to fix. Is this is bug in the javascript provided by Piwik or is it a problem with the cart system?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

The code is removed because of something happening in your website software, not piwik, please investigate your website CMS


Thanks Matt, I have pass on the comments to the cms devs