[1.6] stopped working after website software change

Hi I’ve been using Piwik to monitor 9 websites for about a month now – since November 22nd.

Its been working fine for all of them but a day ago we switched one site to completely different software and it stopped working. The previous day the site had 330 visitors and today only 2 were recorded early in the day. There is definitely much more there as there has been plenty of the usual activity.

The server environment is exactly the same, just new software. The Piwik tracking code can be seen on every page when you view the source. It’s the same as we were using before. There is nothing at all in the server error logs. All the other sites are working fine.

What could possibly cause this problem all of a sudden?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated…

see faq: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo