1.5 mil pageviews per day

Hi there,
We are thinking about using Piwik but need to know what sort of server resources we would need to be able to deal with our high volume of traffic.

We average around 1.5 million pageviews per day that can spike at 3-4 million in a single day.

What memory and processor would be required to process that level of data?


Please check out this thread for some pointers: 301 Moved Permanently

Also see our user guide Optimize and Scale Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

A good dual-socket server with SSD in RAID-10 can do this. You can just scale up, no need to scale out at low millions of views per day in my opinion. Unless the traffic has high spikes while not import from log (using tracking javascript is still fine otherwise) or use slow webserver software.

Maybe look at: 301 Moved Permanently

It give a small insight what is possible with Piwik.