1.2 Visitor Log Range shifted by 13 hours

Under 1.1.1, the visitor log with a “day” period would display midnight to midnight for each day.

After updating to 1.2, it now shows 11am to 11am.

Time zones in general settings and site settings are correct.
Tried changing them to a different city in the same time-zone (US Central) and then changing back.

This caused no change in the visitor log behavior… BUT
now the real-time report shows nothing beyond 6 hours ago.

Tried changing site time to London. Real-time is real-time again (but showing London time).
Switching back to Chicago time once again causes real-time to stop at 6 hours ago.

Any ideas what else to try?

There were timezone-related changes to the Live Visitors plugin. We will review and correct it in the next release.

Any suggestions for where to look in the code?
Or where I can find generate a diff between the two releases?

I’d be happy to dig in to expedite a fix or workaround.

See proposed patch in 301 Moved Permanently

Will it take a long time ?
Lol, maybe you know i use the visitor log a lot, so, it feel like my prefered toy is broken. :frowning: :slight_smile:

Thanks, that patch seems to have fixed it!

Since going to 1.2 I’m getting a weird result in my Visitor Log page. The dashboard, live visits widget and other pages seem to be unaffected.

When I go to the visitor log for today, it says “There is no data for this report.” If I select yesterday’s date, it shows today’s visits with today’s dates and time.

This affects all the sites I track on Piwik.

My timezone which is also the server’s timezone is Pacific/Auckland = NZDT = UTC+13. OS = Centos 5.5

Does this sound like the same problem or a different one?

Weird, i had to select next day, not previous. It’s like doing the opposite in your case.

Try the patch in the aforementioned topic. I think it changes the behaviour back to what it was in 1.1.1.

Unfortunately that didn’t work for me, the Visit Log remained broken, but it but did change the times in the Live Visits widget so the latest ones were this morning, not this evening as they should have been. I’ve backed the change out.

Which file generates the live visits report?

Try changing your time-zone to something else, then change it back again.

That was the first thing I tried before doing the patch and it did modify the module’s behavior.