>= 0.5.5: database growing, premonth archive table creation


because it seems to be a non-beta-test issue, here’s an extra thread:

Database growing on dashboard refresh:

  • dashboard shows only one visit
  • delete the blob and numeric archive tables (phpMyAdmin)
  • refresh the dashboard view (filter: day)
  • blob and numeric archive tables are created (blob: 30 entries, numeric: 16 entries, label idarchive: 1)
  • refresh the dashboard view again
  • blob and numeric archive tables content is doubled exactly (blob: 60 entries, numeric: 32 entries, label idarchive: 2, label ts_archived: adjusted time)
  • every dashboard refresh increases the tables without new website visits.

What for? Without new vistors Piwik only needs one set of data! Think about starting the archive tables with 100k entries and 3 users working with Piwik refreshing the daily data twice a day…

Premonth table creation:

Yesterday (Wednesday, 21, 2010) I deleted both archive tables for March and April.
After refreshing the dashboard (filter: day, date from above) not only the April archive tables were created but additionally the March archive tables.

Today this doesn’t happen… style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif I’ll keep track of it.

Maybe someone wants to test this of his own in the meantime.

Kind regards

daily archives: out of date archives that were processed for “today” are purged once a day. The extra records should be deleted after 24 hours. If you see records not being deleted that should have, and if you are using 0.6-rc1 (the algorithm has changed in this version) please let us know.

premonth table creation: probably was created because you requested a graph containing march data, and march data was archived as a result.
If you created websites only starting in April, it shouldn’t create the table though. Again, if you see it happening with 0.6 let us know

Hi matthieu,

thx for the response.

Concerning the premonth table issue:

It seems that the “MultiSites” graph generates the premonth table.
I opened a ticket for enabling/disabling the graph option.

Anyone here using this graph and wants to keep it there?

I’m working on the database growing issue, yet.

Kind regards,