Zero visits, but it isn't true

Today I have realized that since March 17 Piwik says my site has zero visits.
However the visitor log shows a detailed list of visitors in the last hours and also in previous days.
So, it seems that Piwik registers visits, but does not show them in all the dashboard panels (rather, it counts zero visits and zero visitors) apart the visitor log.
Is it possible to solve this problem? Thanks.

Check your server error logs, and that you setup: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Checking up the server for any new updates is a better option.

Sorry, I am unable to understand your replies. I am on a shared hosting. How can I check server log?

Ask your hoster to give you access.

Ok, I solved. Settings > General settings > Allow Piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser > yes