Zer0s out 6 hours before days over

I installed this the other week and have been running it along statcounter, for one of my sites it is dead on with the accuracy. The other is far off but I don’t have the counter code in the main php I have it in a template called by the php not sure if this is the difference. The live visitors resets about 6 hours before the days over along with the list of recent websites. It just all zeros out til I wake up it shows them again.

hi you seem to have same issue as this one


the piwik guys are working on it and hope to have a fix for piwik 1.1

in summary, don’t worry your piwik is recording the visits but is just not showing them in correct day/week/month/year and not showing them in certain times of day bc of your timezone settings.


We tried to fix this issue in Piwik. We released a 1.1 beta 3 (which will become 1.1 if nothing comes up), and we would really appreciate if you could install it and report if the bug above is still there with this new version.

If you still experience an issue with 1.1b3 version, please create a new forum topic explaining your setup (websites, timezones), what you see and what you expected to see.

To install 1.1b3, it is the same process as a normal upgrade:

Thank you for your help!