Zend Session.php in Piwik 1.7

After upgrading to v1.7 i had to edit libs/Zend/Session.php.

Line 28:
// require_once ‘Zend/Session/Abstract.php’;

Line 38:
// require_once ‘Zend/Session/SaveHandler/Interface.php’;

My first thought was your Zend installation interferes with our Zend installation so i updated to 1.11.11 as “libs/Zend/Version.php” shows.
No difference.
I had to comment in both lines.

Another file was “core/DataFiles/Currencies.php”:

Line 19:
if (!isset($GLOBALS[‘Piwik_CurrencyList’]))

Somehow this doesn’t work and i had to change it to if(empty(…)).

I cleared the cache and assets before as some other posts suggested.

Those lines are already commented out.

“I had to comment in both lines.”

I know there were commented out.

Oic, you meant uncomment.

Check your piwik/libs/Zend/Session/ folder. Sounds like those files are.missing.