Youtube campaign (adwords) is stopped, but Piwik still shows visits via this campaign?

Hello, we had a youtube (adwords) campaign, which was correctly tracked with tracking urls and showed up in Piwik correctly as the youtube campaign. Now we stopped the youtube campaign in adwords, but Piwik is still showing visits and conversions from this campaign? How can that be?
(e.g. 1 week: 2 Klicks in Youtube, more than 200 Visits via PIWIK)

This is out of Piwik support scope, actually.
My guess is that people have bookmarked your site, or continue to visit it by other means. Check the new visitors count to see if those are new visitors or just returning ones. If your campaign had tens of thousands of clicks during it’s run, the number of 200 longtail visits sounds okay.

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