Yesterdays data is different that it was yesterday

Yesterday I had seven visits…
This morning Piwik showed 7 visits.
Then it refreshed and suddenly I had only 2 visits yesterday.

And for some reason its only recording visits from my IP.
I am getting plenty of customer activity. The log should be more like about 40-50 visits.

Hard to help if you provide no other information. Do you have a specific question? Can you give details? Does Piwik throw errors?

Piwik works fine for several hundred thousand people.

Internet Explorer “works”… I use that word loosely … for hundreds of thousands of people as well…
( It still sucks )

Don’t get me wrong though, I have confidence in this software.
I think it will be an excellent tool for my company.

****** Update *******

I have my piwik installation on one domain.
And I am attempting to track a website on another domain.

So I am guessing that cross-domain is the issue.

I placed a tracking code in a blank page on the same domain and the tracker works with different IP addresses.

How do you determine that you have 40-50 visits?

Tracking code and headers look fine. Also loading piwik.js and piwik.php is perfectly normal.

If you’d like to debug yourself:
Have a look at the database and look what data the _log_visit table contains. This is where your visits are stored.

In PHP I can see and store server data from the HTTP Header.
To make the data useful for my boss I would need to parse out all the data make it pretty,… etc…

I could re-invent the wheel and build a site tracker, or I can use this.


Fixed…I feel like a heel. I installed this on my development server.

I also forgot that my development server is IP restricted.

remove the .htaccess file ( it works perfectly ).

  • Then put the .htaccess file back of course and move this into production *

Glad it’s working now!