Yellow Pages

(tlitody) #1

In the UK, yellow pages has a directory site in which people can search. Problem is that it returns search result with a two part search crriteria of “Location” and “companyName”. The company name is the main search phrase(not necessarily a company name) but the location is important too. I could just setup a new search engine of and report only “companyName” but that would omit the location making it look like a country wide search when its not.

So the question is, is it possible to specify a two part lookup for search criteria in the referrer which actually returns both parts in the keyword reports?

If not would it be possible to modify the websites report so that clicking on the website shows the full referer info after ? so that I don’t have to look in the database to see what was actually searched for or goto the link to lookk for it ?

(vipsoft) #2