Yearly reports - How To ? (email pdf report)



I just upgrade to v2.02, and as we are JAn 2nd I wanted to create a new eport for annual data.
I found some old topic about it but it’s for 1.x.
How ever I had a look to the lang php files (/piwik/lang/ fr.php and en.php) as seen here

In the original fr.php file I can see :
‘General_Daily’ => ‘Quotidiennement’,
‘General_Weekly’ => ‘Hebdomadaire’,
‘General_Monthly’ => ‘Mensuellement’,

And I added:
‘General_Yearly’ => ‘Annuellement’,
right after this (line 271).

and also at line 275 :
‘General_DailyReports’ => ‘Rapports journaliers’,
‘General_WeeklyReports’ => ‘Rapports hebdomadaires’,
‘General_MonthlyReports’ => ‘Rapports mensuels’,
‘General_YearlyReports’ => ‘Rapports annuels’,
But whatever I tried this does not impact the report generation form that still only display the1st 3 choices (daily, weeklu and monthly) only.

No way to choose a Yearly report option.

In the en.php file I found this:
‘General_Daily’ => ‘Daily’,
‘General_Weekly’ => ‘Weekly’,
‘General_Monthly’ => ‘Monthly’,
‘General_DailyReport’ => ‘daily’,
‘General_WeeklyReport’ => ‘weekly’,
‘General_MonthlyReport’ => ‘monthly’,
‘General_YearlyReport’ => ‘yearly’,
‘General_DailyReports’ => ‘Daily reports’,
‘General_WeeklyReports’ => ‘Weekly reports’,
‘General_MonthlyReports’ => ‘Monthly reports’,
‘General_YearlyReports’ => ‘Yearly reports’,

Wich let me think the yearly option is actually possible, so…

What’s wrong ?

Thank you

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

See: PDF Reports to support 'Quaterly' scheduled reports frequency · Issue #2012 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - please leave a comment in the ticket to make your voice heard :slight_smile: