Yearly reports - How To ? (again no answer)



I’m still waiting for clarifications about how to get a full YEARLY report (pdf).
Seams to be quit a difficult thematic around here.
The only “consistant” stuff I found was : PDF Reports to support ‘Quaterly’ scheduled reports frequency · Issue #2012 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub (more than 2 y ago)

I can read :

[quote=“This feature is already implemented as an ‘on demand’ downloadable report. This is achieved by selecting Period = Year in the UI (using the calendar) and clicking on “Download”. This produces a report for the selected year.”]

Ok …where’s this “dowload” ??? the only link is the “diskette” icon to export ti XLS but it has nothing to do with the full PDF report I expect (the same kind as the emailed scheduled one. :frowning:

But the ultimate goal is to email automaticaly a yearly report (once a year) and there’s still NO yearly choise in the select from the email report setup page… :?
so What ?

Anyone ?
Thank you