Year visitors shows 0 while month visitors are in DB


I recently noticed that if I select the period ‘year’ the data for 2015 don’t show up (There is no data for this report). But the monthly view does show all the visitors except for july '15 (again ‘There is no data for this report’). And again, if i choose the weekly view for july '15 I can see all the visitors.

So the data ist in the DB. What is going on there? How can i solve this?

I updated my piwik installation to 2.16 two days ago, but the problem is older than that.

Thanks for help, best regards


Try this: How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


thank you. That did the trick.

It turned out, that there must have been some more errors, but after deleting all the tables containing days without visitors the numbers showed up correctly.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.