XML Error with Website PDF Reports

Hi everyone,

Run into a crazy error and don’t know what’s causing it. When I go to create a PDF report for any site, I get this

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
      <result><error message="The period parameter is invalid"/></result>

I’ve backed up and restored my database, updated and reinstalled Piwik to latest 1.12 several times and still geing the same error. It appears on all Ff, IE, Palemoon, etc and running late getting reports out to clients.

If someone can help it would be really appreciateed. Thanks!

it should work indeed. Can you try create a new report, and try a different period?

it should work indeed. Can you try create a new report, and try a different period?[/quote]

Just created a brand new report for a site, ticked all the metrics I need and and then selected a week in April.
Clicked Download to get the report but it did the same thing.

When I click Send Report, it sends fine.
I’ll email all May’s reports like that instead of manually for now

When you click DOWNLOAD, what is the URL in your browser bar (remove your domain here)?

I just created monthly reports for 30 more sites and it’s working when I click Download! Not sure what was going on there. Will post again if something else happens.

Matt, I just got the problem (The period parameter is invalid) and I think I know the cause:

If you create a Report and choose “Never” in “Email Schedule”, the link to the PDF will contain “&period=never” and throw the error.

Changing Email Schedule to monthly and the link to PDF works (and the link now contains “&period=month”).

Should I fill a bug report ?


This bug should have been fixed in 1.12 are you using this?

Sorry to tell you I’m using 1.12 (upgraded manually from 1.11) with a single manual correction, the one mentioned here:


Running under Apache 2., PHP 5.3.13 with Xcache.