Wrong URL in Page view

I am using a CMS (Drupal) to generate one content with this url: server/portal/content/growing%2Bfungi%2Bstructures%2Bspace%2Bplanet.

When I see on Matomo interface, they show me this information:

And the URL link to the content is wrong: server/portal/content/growing+fungi+structures+space+planet

And if I tried to get the same information via api using the correct URL, _server/portal/_content/growing%2Bfungi%2Bstructures%2Bspace%2Bplanet, I get it right, but it refers that the URL is the wrong one.

Please, Anyone can help me? Thanks


Have you tried switching the view to a flat table in the :gear: menu below the table?

Yes, but i am not trying to see the server+portal information.

What i mean when the wrong url is that if you click on the link here:

The link to the URL is server/portal /content/growing+fungi+structures+space+planet and it is not found on the server.

The problem is the special character “%2B”, because it is saved on Matomo as a “+”, and when you tried to see the information with the wrong link, it has not “%2B”: it is replaced by a “+”.

But calling the API with the right link with “%2B”, shows the information about the content, but in the information given also refers to the wrong URL with “+”