WRONG The default location

Hello everyone;

We installed the analyzer but we have a problem, this is that the default location is not correct, piwik tells me that we are in Spain when we really are in Venezuela.

Where can I change to make piwik correct location?

Thanks in advance.

Well, it already says that it isn’t very accurate. The PECL works correctly, so you should continue using it.

If you don’t have Piwik 1.9.2 installed, you should do that first.

On the Settings page, you will find a new tab “Geolocation” where you can control how Piwik determines visitor locations. The default here is to use the Preferred Language setting of the browser. You should use one of the other methods. My Piwik site uses the method “GeoIP (Php)”.

The link immediately above the “GeoIP (Php)” option is “How do I get the GeoIP databases?”. When you click that, you are taken to an FAQ page that talks about downloading a GeoLocation database from MaxMind. The correct one to download is “GeoLite City”, and this is the correct download link: http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geolite

After downloading the Binary/GZIP file, you need to expand it using a decompression program such as 7-Zip to produce a roughly 18 Mb file. Rename this file to “GeoIPCity.dat”, and then put it into the “misc” directory of your server’s Piwik installation.

When you have put this “GeoIPCity.dat” file into the server’s Piwik “misc” directory, you can activate the “GeoIP (Php)” Geolocation option. The default Geolocation option will be deactivated automatically when you do this.