Wrong number of visits in Visits Overview


I’m having a strange issue with the number of visits in the “Visits Overview” panel. All of a sudden it, reports a lower number than expected, inconsistent with the “Visits Over Time” graph. It seems it depends somehow on the time interval being analysed, as illustrated in the attached figures.

The number of visits between April 4 and April 15 is much lower than the number of visits between April 5 and April 15 (which seems to be the correct number). The same inconsistency is present on other panels such as Keywords, Visitor Browser, etc. I have updated Piwik to 2.16.1 (from 2.15.0) after discovering the problem, but it did not help.

The “Visits Over Time” graph is identical in the two plots, and fully consistent with what we expect, so I’m not sure where the problem is.