Wrong encoding on outgoing urls

I have links on page:

When I see, that user open this link (in real time visitors for example), it displays as:


I use a tool http://2cyr.com/decode/ to determine original text, it says that original encoding is utf8, but displays as ISO8859-1 (if i remember correct, it is default encoding in php)

can you create a simple HTML file, with only a link inside, and try to replicate the bug. If you can replicate the bug in a simple html page, please go to dev.piwik.org and create a bug report with all info & I will investigate and fix. thanks

Do I understand correct, that i need to create html page with this link, and intalled piwik code and check it?

Yes the idea is to reproduce the issue with a very simple page, so that, if the bug is still reproduced in this simple page, then it’s easier for us to fix it :slight_smile: