Wrong date when picking a custom date

I noticed that when i try to select a period to see statistics, the date i get as current is in July (while now it is March) and i cannot make a selection.

On the below screenshot you will see what i mean. I am using onpremise installation latest version 4.8.0

What happens if you click on a day or on the Apply button?
Can you also share the browser console log and HTTP errors if any?

Also, how is the configuration of: Administration>Personal>Settings section Report date to load by default?

After your message, i logged in again to replicate the issue. Initially it seems that the problem was solved but i managed to find the error. I have multiple websites, in one of them (A) i have data from the past couple of months, but for the second (B) i have data only for this month. When i look the past months’ data for website A and then change the website from the dropdown menu then it gets stuck, it is like it trying to retrieve data for a time that is not available for site B.

As for the settings it is set on"Dashboard for a specific website". Do you think i should change it?