Wrong data in the acquisition channels?

Hi everyone,

What is your experience with the numbers in accuracy of the numbers in the Aqcuisition -> Channel section of Matomo? We have a strong feeling that our numbers can not be correct. Is there anything we can change about it?

We just installed Matomo on our website and now use the on-premise solution with some paid add ons. Before that we used Google Analytics. Everything seems to be basically running, but we see that the data in “Acquisition -> Channels” can not be correct. Just one example: In the Campaign Visits coloums we see 360 visits and in the Youtube Channel Visits we have 1400. Funny is, that we do not have any Youtube activity, but on the other hand in Google Ads we see that that 6000 visitors should be coming from search campaigns. Also we see that 50% of our traffic is supposed to be direct entry, which is oddly high for our experience.

Many thanks for your help!