Wrong content-type in multi-event matomo-call


We try to use matomo for video/multimedia analytics. Unfortunately not all events are reported to our backend. We found out that there are two types of calls to our tracking backend:

  1. POST request with get query parameters => works OK
  2. POST request with request body (I assume this is multi-event tracking, right?) is answered with a 400 return code in our reverse-proxy

The issue with 2. ist, that the content-type-header of the request (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) does not correspond to the actual content (application/json or plain/text).

We tried to set the following, but with no success:
_paq.push([‘setRequestContentType’, ‘plain/text; charset=utf-8’]);

Did anybody else experience this issue and/or has a solution?

For following: