WP-Piwik Domain Not Detected


I am having a problem properly detecting a few of my websites. I have moved my Piwik server to my own dedicated server and moved over about a hundred and fifty sites. I am using the “proxy script” to keep my server hidden, and all sites but three were setup without error and appear to be tracking visitors.

One site had CloudFlare caching enabled, and I think that caused some unknown bug to mess with me. No matter what I try; deleting and reinstalling WP-Piwik, deleting the site from the server and starting over, it just doesn’t see this domain.

If I untick the box for “Auto config”, the problem domain isn’t even in the list of preconfigured sites on the Piwik server, but it’s there. The plugin is clearly communicating with the server, but can’t the domain it’s installed on.

Is there a cache to clear perhaps?
How to do a hard reset for this domain?



I can’t help much about the Wp-Piwik issue and I’m not sure if the developer reads this forum, so chances are maybe higher if you ask on the support page of the wordpress plugin.


Thanks for the reply Lucas :slight_smile:
At least I know I’m not being ignored …