WordPress Piwik

Hello everyone, I was trying to install piwik in my wordpress website. I already did installed but everytime I click next from Piwik’s welcome screen it disappeared. I also refresh the page and nothing there. It shows me blank or white page. Can anyone help me?

When did you download the original files to piwik? There was a problem recently if it was the last few days i would try a new download and install attempt.

I downloaded the new one today. It disappeared everytime I am on Piwik’s welcome screen when I click next or refresh the page. I have to delete Piwik folder in my server and upload it again and again to get the Piwik’s Welcome Screen back on.

ok i think you are experiencing the bug in the last 1.9.2. the archive was fixed around 3 hrs ago.

If you had tried to download before that then try again if not then there seems to be another issue.

try downloading from here


Thanks lesjokolat! It works!

Great to hear!!! Can i ask you mark topic as solved. Thanks