WordPress file not found error on install


I have WordPress installed in the root directory of my web site. I made a sub-directory called “analytics” and uploaded the piwik files into a directory called “piwik”.

When I try to go to that directory to start the install I get the "file not found"error page (as in it looks like a page from my site). This is because WordPress won’t read the install.php or piwik.php file in the analytics/piwik directory. It automatically re-directs to the file not found error mesage. I think it involves adding some lines to my .htaccess file.

I recall having this problem many years ago when I was installing Media Wiki. I eventually got it to work. I have since removed it from my site so I no longer have the edits I made to the .htaccess file.

I’ve also modifiied the .htaccess file in order to get another analytics application called ThinkUp to work after seeking assistance in their message forum.

Had anyone else had this problem? If so, can you post a workaround? Thanks.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

If you go to site.com/piwik or site.com/analytics/

you could also try to add “index.php” at the end?
normally if directory is there wordpress shouldn’t try to load a page with this name are you sure about the URL?


Thanks for your response. I tried that. Still redirected to a “file not found” page within my WordPress theme.


This isn’t much help, I suppose, but I’ve installed Piwik on a bunch of Wordpress sites and it worked as expected. I did not, however, put Piwik directory in a 3rd-level subdirectory. I just uploaded a directory, renamed “stats”, or, “analytics”, to my document root. It sounds like an oddball htaccess configuration.