WordPress and Piwik

Hi there,

I am new to Piwik and I like it a lot - much better than what I had before (tu)

I have two websites under Piwik:

  1. stegemueller.dk where Piwik works just fine.
  2. Stegemüllers vindue mod verden – Alt mellem himmel og jord where Piwik does not track anything. The blog is a WordPress blog.

I have installed the plug in and every thing is the standard settings. I have not changed anything, because I am not sure what it all means and then it is better to stick to the standard settings.

All values under the blog show 0 when I se them in http://stegemueller.dk/analytics/ (which is where Piwik is installed) and when I see them i WordPress.

In the Plug in I have under “Piwik URL (REST API):” entered “http://stegemueller.dk/analytics/

Still in the plug in Under “Auth token:” I have entered the value found under API in Piwik which consists a lot of digits.

What do I do wrong