Woocommerce Store Not Tracking

Hey! I am having issues with piwik tracking my woocommerce store.

I have tried installing the 2 plugins for piwik (WP-Piwik and Woocommerce Piwik)

Both didn’t work. I also installed the javascript tracking code into my pages but that also didn’t work.

I have had piwik setup properly before but think one of my plugins is stopping the tracking or my hosting. I have a dedicated server with Bluehost.

Does anyone know how to get my tracking to work? I have looked through the forums but cannot find anything to get my piwik working.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Brad,

Please ask for support in the forum of the Woocommerce extension here: View: [WooCommerce Piwik integration] Support « WordPress.org Forums

Nobody is answering support queries on the WP support forums now and it appears there is a compatibility issue caused by the removal of shortcodes and replacement with Endpoints.

Please can someone review the Wordpress.org piwik plugin support space and get up to speed.


Hi guys,

I’ve just created an internal ticket to make this plugin compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. Should be done during next sprint.


Thanks… good to know it’s in hand…

Just to give you an update - new version of Woocommerce integration should be released in coming days.